Bowen is a hands on treatment developed in Australia in 50's by Tom Bowen
It is not a massage, there is no manipulation and no crunching
It is a gentle hands on therapy, using fingers and thumbs, that can be done over clothes
It involves specific moves over key points of the body
The whole body is given a treatment
I use a couch if possible
The thing that makes it different from everything else is that I leave the room for 2 or 3 minutes after each set of moves
Why ?
Bowen works by releasing the traumas that have been stored around the body
When I do specific moves the nervous system needs time to send a message to the brain that a release has taken place.
The brain then sends a message back, confirming that it is resetting the body to its original healthy state
Scientifically, the moves disrupt  the facia that covers the whole body, sending ripples that allow the realignment process to start