6 years later...

Funny thing about life - when pain or discomfort leaves us, we can often forget we ever experienced it. Even 25yrs of pain.

I bumped into Lizzie the other day. A Bowen Therapist. Approximately 6 years ago, through three sessions of treatment, she addressed my often debilitating menstrual discomfort - a discomfort which had catastrophically impacted on my corporate career sickness record. A pain, nausea and discomfort so acute that on repetitive months, I had to take days off, unable to function normally and unable to find a pharmaceutical remedy. This crippling situation had plagued me for over 25 years, jeopardizing promotions and even employment.

I'd almost forgotten I'd ever suffered. There's rare months now where I need to reach for a paracetamol... but mostly life just carries on. No pain, no nausea, no discomfort. Three sessions of Bowens!

You know when you half snort in disbelief? That's me. Who knew the solution was so simple!

I hope anyone else who can't find a modern medical solution has the sense to at least try an 'alternative' remedy, and enjoy a lifetime thereafter of pain free living!

PS. This reference was entirely unsolicited - but wholly warranted! Thanks Lizzie!

Cat Milton.
Ibiza. Added: 3rd September 2018


Unsolicited Reference.

In 2012 I underwent a series of Bowen Treatment sessions with Lizzy Webster. I had approached Lizzy with one concern but through the initial consultation process, I was reminded of another matter. Lizzy also looked to address that. Pain and discomfort are strange creatures - when we don't feel them, we often forget they ever existed. So too was this my truth. Until I bumped into Lizzy at a local Sunday market. I was reminded upon seeing her that across all this time, my symptoms, my at times acute and crippling discomfort, had become very much a thing of the past. They were no longer of truth of my life and days.

For a little perspective, one ailment had accompanied me through some twenty years of life, and been so acute that I had frequently had to take time off from work and cancel other life matters. To be free from such a debilitating situation was extraordinary.

I had no prior knowledge of Bowen prior to hearing of, and meeting Lizzy and these days I would not hesitate to recommend it.

Cat Milton.
Ibiza. January, 2016